Monday, May 19, 2008

Save Money, and Live Better!

Out of necessity, I have learned to live more cheaply, to buy smarter. Eventually, I cut my grocery bill down to below $300/month (usually, it's less than $250). That includes quality pet food and foil and paper products, as well as cleaners. And I am not a coupon-clipper. Amazing? Not really. I think so many people are going to read this blog and say, “Oh my goodness… My mom, or my grandma, used to tell me that!” about a lot of things.

When I realized that what I was doing was really different, and needed, I started writing a book, called, Show Me the Dough. Then I started seeing articles about mothers feeding their children soda instead of milk because they couldn't afford it. Other articles chronicled people having to decide between groceries and gas to get to work. People need this RIGHT NOW. So here it is, for free, for you. No strings.

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