Saturday, May 24, 2008

Milk... $4 a Gallon! How to SAVE!

Milk prices are going through the roof, just like everything else. This is a short post, directed to mothers everywhere. There is a way to save money on milk, and it requires NO COUPON CLIPPING (though that doesn't hurt!). The information is elsewhere in this blog, but I do not want you to miss it. It's important enough to have its own post:

Nido Powdered Whole Milk.

You won't find this in the powdered milk section. Oh, no, that would be too easy and logical! No, you find this in the Hispanic, or International section. Walmart has it. I'm not sure about other stores, but I predict it will be on the rise. Nestle makes it, believe it or not, and has never told us about it. They have been marketing it in Mexico for years.

We all have my sweet little mama to thank for this. She enjoys shopping, and peruses the aisles at the grocery store like the jewelry counter at Saks, reading lables, and finding new things. Nido milk is one of those discoveries she insisted (thereby insuring my reluctance) that I try. Finally, I did... Now, it saves my behind every month! Learning to listen to your mother is, apparently, a skill that is developed with age...

I always buy 3 cans at least, but I think I will buy more because once my secret is out, I have a feeling it may become hard to find.

One added plus for those that have to schlep their groceries on foot or by bus: it's lightweight!

Use this little treasure to replace milk in cooking, and for everything but drinking. Kids can tell the difference if you try to serve it up by the glass (but it's light years better than that nonfat dry milk goo). It's great for emergencies, though, and if you run out of milk, just add a little chocolate syrup or powder, and they will scarf it up. You have to be wiley, when you are a mother. :)

**NOTE: This is NOT infant formula, and should not be used as such. If you are having trouble with buying infant formula for your baby, go to your local WIC office, which can cover the cost. They help with other staples as well, and your local food stamp program may be able to help too.

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